Thursday, June 30, 2016

New Halloween Ornaments!


Halloween is just around the corner and I'm in a black cat and crow frame of mind.  And a raccoon too! This is my first batch of Halloween ornaments for 2016.  I've created these specifically for all lovers of Halloween festivities, autumn leaves, cooler breezes, fat orange pumpkins and full moons.

Each one of these ornaments is a one of a kind, original painting of my own design.  Done on wood with acrylics and signed, dated and sealed with UV resistant satin varnish.  The circles have a 4" diameter and the rectangle is 4" x 3". 

The ornaments have a built in hanging loop (not included in the measurements) and are trimmed in iridescent black vintage style tinsel garland.

You'll find these paintings much brighter and more detailed in person than these low resolution images.  

#1 Golden Eyed Black Cat and Pumpkins (note the heart shaped pumpkin vines over head) SOLD

#2 Violet Eyed Black Cat and Pumpkins (again, note the heart shaped vines overhead) SOLD

 #3 Black Cat and Haunted House of Spirits SOLD

#4 Pumpkin Stealing Raccoon  SOLD

#5 Full Moon Crow with Acid Green Sky SOLD

 #6 Raven Watching Black Cats Flying on Broomsticks SOLD

Keep in mind, being LARGE ornaments, these pack a lot of punch!  The colors are very vibrant and the details are fabulous.  Created with care and quality materials to last you many, many Halloweens to come!  $30 each plus shipping.  Contact me at to purchase.  Paypal only.

Thanks for stopping by ~ stay tuned for more fun and whimsy.